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- “The World’s Largest Industry Discover the Learning Opportunities."

The major emphasizes on management skills essential for working in hotels, tourism and other hospitality businesses through the development of personality, attitudes and knowledge, meeting the needs of the service industry.

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Arphawatthanasakul, Lalida

Lalida Arphawatthanasakul

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Deputy Chairperson
Faculty Members

Chaisanrit, Marut

Marut Chaisanrit

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Hwangdee, Parichat

Parichat Hwangdee

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Jiratthiti, Reizle

Reizle Jiratthiti

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Khamsing, Christelle

Christelle Khamsing

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Kittivoraphan, Piriya

Piriya Kittivoraphan

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Laptaweesuksun, Kowit

Kowit Laptaweesuksun

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Phonkaew, Sasithorn

Sasithorn Phonkaew Ph.D.

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Poolpunt, Kirirath

Kirirath Poolpunt

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Srisangkaew, Kulrisa

Kulrisa Srisangkaew Ph.D.

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Yaiyong, Angkana

Angkana Yaiyong Ph.D.

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