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Strategic Planning
MSME Business School

Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”

Sun Tzu

MSME has established four strategic pillars for 2018-2023

Strengthening Education Quality towards International Standards

Internationalize MSME operations to meet international standards and practices by aligning MSME operation procedures and support systems towards AACSB and EdPEx standards, as well as increasing deployment of international practices in teaching and learning

Strengthen MSME’s national, regional and global positioning in graduate production, intellectual contributions, and multicultural learning environment by producing graduates and intellectual contributions that meet international standards and increasing diversity in MSME community

Steering MSME towards Digital Transformation

Increase utilization of ICT in MSME’s core functions by integrating digitalization into MSME operations and building an ICT innovative culture in MSME

Increasing Engagement within and beyond MSME

Make impactful contributions to the Thai and ASEAN business communities, as well as the public at large by increasing professional collaborations with the Thai and ASEAN business communities, as well as the public at large

Increase engagement among MSME stakeholders by creating a system to support student, faculty, and alumni engagement

Ensuring MSME’s Sustainable Development

Provide value added curricula and student development that ensure long-term growth and sustainable employment of MSME graduates by establishing systems to support regular modification and adaptation of curriculum, as well as student development to meet current trends in the business community

Create and maintain good public image of MSME by making the public aware of the distinctive features of MSME and optimizing management system and resources

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