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MSME strives to offer quality business education and is accountable for the value and standards of its provision.

All of MSME’s degree programs are accredited by the Office of Higher Education (Thailand) and 4 BBA majors have additional international standards.

MSME are required to participate in the activities of quality assurance bodies, such as the Thailand Qualification Framework developed by the Office of Higher Education (OHEC) and Assumption University Quality System.

Four of the BBA majors have been accredited by international organizations or have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with international organizations that require the degrees to meet their standards:

  • BBA in Accounting has signed an MOU with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). MSME graduates are exempted from CIMA level 1 examinations, in particular, organizational management (E1), management accounting (P1) and financial reporting and taxation (F1) modules.
  • BBA in Finance has been affiliated with the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program since November 22, 2018.
  • BBA in Insurance is accredited by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.
  • BBA in Real Estate is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

MSME is also actively pursuing accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) and meeting the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (EdPEx).

AACSB International is the largest and longest standing accrediting body for business schools. It aims to ensure schools to engage with faculty, students, business, institutions, and other stakeholders, to make a positive impact on business and society by advancing business knowledge and providing business quality education. The various standards developed by AACSB International encourage accredited schools to pursue excellence and continuous improvement on their degree programs. MSME is currently in the process of seeking the Initial Accreditation for all its degree programs from AACSB International. The School expects to meet the AACSB standards by 2022 and to receive AACSB accreditation by 2024.

The Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (EdPEx) are developed by OHEC  based on the U.S. Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria. MSME has gone through its first initial review process in 2017, and received sufficiently high score to secure certification in the review. The School has thus decided to continue with the preparation so as to achieve a higher certification level instead of the level it originally planned for (EdPEx200). MSME plans to apply for the EdPEx300 certification in 2019.

Our faculty and staff are excited to participate in the process of demonstrating that all our programs meet the high-quality standards expected by these domestic and international organizations.

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