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MSME has partnered with several Thai government agencies. In cooperation with the local and central governments, MSME manages research and contributes to the capacity of governance.

By actively engaging MSME faculty members in regional and national governance activities and by providing critical knowledge and expertise that is embedded in our faculty and that can be used to aid problem-solving, MSME has a long tradition of supporting policymakers to make informed decisions through collaborations with the public sector.

Business Incubation

During 2014-2016, MSME has received a total of THB 2 million from the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) to set up and operate a business incubator unit to assist the University’s students and faculty members in starting up new business ventures as well as to disseminate essential knowledge on entrepreneurship to the public. At the University, the MSME’s business incubator unit is known as the Assumption Business Leading Entrepreneurship – University Business Incubation (ABLE-UBI) Center.

Thailand’s Professional Standards for Property Management

Department of Real Estate has been awarded a grant of over THB 5 millions from the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI), a semi-autonomous government agency, to develop Thailand’s professional standards for property management (commercial property). Expected outcomes of this project include:

  • Development and establishment of Thailand’s Qualification Framework for Property Management,
  • Formation and completion of assessment guidelines for Thailand’s Qualification Framework for Property Management (Commercial Property),
  • Creation and introduction of the Certification of Professional Qualification in property management (Commercial Property).

All faculty members of the Real Estate Department, in collaboration with faculty members from other MSME departments, have been actively participating in this project, and the project will last until October 17, 2018.

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