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Finance Program, MSME Business School, Assumption University, is affiliated with CFA Institute, a world premier association for investment management professionals, under CFA Institute University Affiliation Program since 2018. Finance major prepares the students for achieving professional certifications in finance such as CFA, FRM, and CFP®.

The Department of Finance, MSME Business School, Assumption University, has been certified as an education provider, the only university being the education provider in Thailand, by Thai Financial Planners Association (TFPA) on January 13, 2022. Completion of AU’s finance program fulfills the educational component, one of the four requirements of the CFP® Certification Education Program.

Subject 3.1-3.6 of finance curriculum have been endorsed by Thai Financial Planners Association (TFPA) to be equivalent to the Module 1-6 of CFP® Certification Education Program. The students who complete such curriculum and wish to pursue as a CFP professional are exempted from education requirement and eligible for CFP certification examination enrollment.

UOB Cyber Branch on campus provides investment training and simulations to students for teaching and learning activities. Students can use the Center as learning resources, co-working space, and library in order to enhance their finance and investment knowledge.





Programs Offered



Sinliamthong, Pathathai

Pathathai Sinliamthong Ph.D.

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Deputy Chairperson

Preechalert, Sarina

Sarina Preechalert Ph.D.

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Faculty Members

Bovornsantisuth, Nattanan

Nattanan Bovornsantisuth

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Bunnag, Rujira

Rujira Bunnag

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Channak, Angsana

Angsana Channak

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Chatsuthipan, Wasalee

Wasalee Chatsuthipan Ph.D.

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Khalil, Muhammad Azhar

Muhammad Azhar Khalil, Ph.D.

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Kitseree, Suwanna

Suwanna Kitseree Ph.D.

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Ngienthi, Wanida

Asst. Prof. Wanida Ngienthi Ph.D.

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Phunnarungsi, Visit

Visit Phunnarungsi Ph.D.

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Poontirakul, Phorntida

Phorntida Poontirakul Ph.D.

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Prutthisathaporn, Manoje

Manoje Prutthisathaporn

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Srinutshasad, Chainarin

Chainarin Srinutshasad Ph.D.

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Srivalosakul, Pallapa

Pallapa Srivalosakul Ph.D.

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Suwanragsa, Issara

Issara Suwanragsa Ph.D.

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Zhang, Zhuoran

Zhuoran Zhang Ph.D.

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