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Vanichvatana, S. (2018). Informal learning spaces for undergraduate business school: a Bangkok private university case study. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 71-79.


Informal Learning Spaces (ILS) have been used by students for solo and group learning activities, within and outside library spaces. Many academic disciplines provide learning spaces beside classrooms, such as labs and studios, where students attending related disciplines can use these learning spaces as formal and Informal Learning Spaces (ILS). However, for business school, such types of learning spaces are normally not available. Moreover, most courses of business studies assign team projects that require group discussion types of meetings, which are difficult to conduct in a library environment. This research used a Bangkok private university as a case study to explore the behaviours and perspectives of students who attended business programs, concerning how
students used ILS, on and off campus facilities, for learning activities. Research approach applied quantitative analysis through questionnaire surveys and small group interviews, during March 2018. The results showed that students used home/dorm more towards solo studies than group activities. Students applied virtual spaces to extend the functions of home/dorm for group activities. The usage of cafe and coworking spaces were more towards group activities. These results showed that besides available of virtual spaces, there were still needs for face-to-face meetings.

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