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– “Harnessing Potential of Digital Technology to Create Tomorrow’s Business Leaders.”

The major provides the knowledge of integrating information technology and business processes to meet the information
needs of businesses, enabling them to achieve objectives productively and efficiently.

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Permwonguswa, Sumate

Sumate Permwonguswa Ph.D.

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Faculty Members

Anuvareepong, Sakuna

Asst. Prof. Sakuna Anuvareepong Ph.D.

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Buraphadeja, Vasa

Asst. Prof. Vasa Buraphadeja Ph.D.

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Chayaporn, Dhirachat

Dhirachat Chayaporn

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Fuangkhon, Piyabute

Assoc. Prof. Piyabute Fuangkhon Ph.D.

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Gunadham, Thanyatida

Thanyatida Gunadham Ph.D.

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Krairojananan, Panant

Panant Krairojananan

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Kumar, Pritam

Pritam Kumar

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Luanrattana, Rattiporn

Rattiporn Luanrattana Ph.D.

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Ongkasuwan, Metta

Assoc. Prof. Metta Ongkasuwan Ph.D.

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Osothsilp, Anan

Anan Osothsilp Ph.D.

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Setthawong, Pisal

Asst. Prof. Pisal Setthawong Ph.D.

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Srisarkun, Vilasinee

Vilasinee Srisarkun Ph.D.

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Sungtong, Tharinee

Tharinee Sungtong

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Tantontrakul, Tanakom

Tanakom Tantontrakul

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Thakulsukanant, Kornkamol

Asst. Prof. Kornkamol Thakulsukanant Ph.D.

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Vanichviroon, Songsak

Songsak Vanichviroon Ph.D.

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Vipulakom, Krisee

Krisee Vipulakom

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Wongwuttiwat, Jittima

Asst. Prof. Jittima Wongwuttiwat Ph.D.

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