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The Marketing Students First Orientation 1/2023

Unleashing Marketing Potential: 77 Students Radiate Joy at Our First Orientation!
77 students participated in our highly anticipated Marketing Students First Orientation, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards professional success. The event buzzed with enthusiasm and anticipation as the students embarked on a path that would shape their marketing careers.
Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, led by Marketing department Chairperson; Dr.Punnaluck, Deputy Chairperson; Dr.Chainarong, together with supporting team Dr.Donyawan; Director of student development center, faculty members; A.Pea and Dr.Suppasit, and our beloved two distinguished alumni, who have carved remarkable paths in the marketing industry, graciously shared their invaluable wisdom and insights. Their content-rich presentation not only inspired the students but also opened their minds to the endless possibilities within the marketing domain.
The Marketing Students First Orientation 1/2023 marked a significant milestone, igniting a passion for marketing excellence within each participant. With their eyes firmly set on the future, these students are ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure, armed with knowledge, inspiration, and an unwavering determination to make their mark in the realm of marketing.”

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