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Assumption University of Thailand was honored to welcome back esteemed alumnus and acclaimed photographer, Chanipol Kusolcharttum, popularly known as Rockkhound, for an inspiring session with the University’s digital communications team. Rockkhound’s exceptional journey from a flight attendant to a celebrated lens artist has captivated the world, making him a prime example of passion, determination, and creative excellence.

In 2013, Rockkhound embarked on a path that would define his life’s purpose. Fresh out of Assumption University’s MSME Business School with a degree in hospitality and tourism management (HTM), he realized his dream job, as a member of Thai Airways cabin crew. This role provided him with the unique opportunity to explore the world, a privilege he embraced while keeping his smartphone camera close at hand.

Around the same period, Instagram was formed. This digital platform became the canvas through which he would transform his ordinary life into an extraordinary journey. He began sharing his captures with the world, cultivating connections that spanned continents and cultures. It was a transformative discovery that would shape his future in unexpected ways.

Layovers during his travels became opportunities for Rockkhound to fuse his passion for photography with his ever-growing circle of friends. He utilized these brief stops to collaborate with local acquaintances, capturing diverse subjects ranging from architectural wonders to forgotten landscapes. These experiences enriched his visual storytelling and propelled him towards a creative awakening.

An unexpected message on Instagram offering him a job of a photoshoot in Iceland became a turning point in Rockkhound’s journey. Despite his initial apprehension about accepting a job offer with just his smartphone, it was a sign that his passion held value beyond his imagination. Over the next two years, he expertly balanced two careers, investing in photography gear and embracing an ever-growing portfolio of projects. However, a crossroads beckoned, demanding that he make a definitive choice.

“I went to Iceland on the Instagram shoot, and it was the best moment of my life to wake up early every day and think about what to photograph and where to travel,” Rockkhound reminisced about the profound impact of that pivotal journey.

The decision that followed was not without its challenges, yet it was filled with conviction. Rockkhound bid farewell to his airline career, channeling his energy into nurturing his photography pursuit. He expanded his expertise to encompass videography, eventually establishing his own production company.

Rockkhound’s visit to his alma mater provided a unique opportunity for the university’s digital marketing team to gain insights into the world of photography, digital storytelling, and effective social media management. As a master of his craft, Rockkhound’s journey resonated deeply with the team, emphasizing the significance of pursuing one’s passions while leveraging digital platforms to create meaningful connections.

During his visit, Rockkhound shared his personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs in the realm of photography and digital marketing. He underscored the importance of embracing self-confidence and utilizing social media as a tool for artistic expression and professional growth. “I am humbled to be back at Assumption University and to share my experiences with the digital communications team,” remarked Rockkhound during his visit.

As a visionary photographer, Rockkhound’s success story represents the spirit of exploration and continuous learning embraced at Assumption University. “The more little goals you achieve, the closer you are to the big milestones,” he shared, echoing the advice that guided him throughout his journey. His ability to transform passion into a thriving career has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Assumption University’s digital communications team left the session motivated and enriched, equipped with valuable insights to enhance their online presence, engage audiences, and tell the university’s story in innovative ways. Rockkhound’s visit exemplified the university’s commitment to fostering connections with its accomplished alumni, who serve as beacons of inspiration for current students and professionals alike.

Stay tuned to learn more about Rockkhound’s inspirational journey which includes founding Sprezzatura, a boutique curator of luxury menswear hand-made by artisans in Italy, modeling and more. You may find him on Instagram or Facebook to see his amazing work, educational videos and latest projects.

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