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The philosophy of the Master of Science Program in Supply Chain Management is to recognize the increasing pace of change and prepare students for a world beyond our imagining, beyond precise predictions, beyond precise definition. We have to prepare students for exponential change, without knowing exactly what such change will be. 

Some can be emerging, such as the increasing speed and complexity of change, the rise of the East and the dominance of China and India, market and economic volatility, increased cost and scarcity of raw materials and energy, goods and logistics and inflation generally, increased use of technology by customers, changing nature of society and demography, awareness and action on sustainability, and concern about product safety. These changes in the next ten years will be greater than in the whole of the previous fifty years.

There will also be new business models, with more hybrid forms, often due to increasing collaboration between firms who need to share crucial information with their partners across the supply chain. All these changes demand increased skills and knowledge in the workforce, and especially in its professional elites who will have the responsibility of facing these challenges head-on and mapping ways through them to success.

Therefore, the Master of Science Program in Supply Chain Management aims to equip students with transferable adaptable skills which can be relevant to many situations and contexts. These include the skills of understanding changes and happenings through mental skills of assimilation of facts and trends, identification and analysis of components, assembling a cognitive mind map of the terrain, and deciding action, control, and leadership. Agility and flexibility are essential. These skills will evolve from a case-study methodology and interactions with leading-edge practitioners in a variety of businesses, brand-names and SMEs. As important is the integrity and moral standards of our students. For a sustainable, fair, and human future, graduates of sincerity, honesty, and goodwill are needed.

English :

  • Master of Science Program in Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc. (SCM)

ภาษาไทย :

  • คณะบริหารธุรกิจ หลักสูตรวิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต
  • สาขาวิชาการจัดการโซ่อุปทาน

Program Director :

Dr. Piyawan Puttibarncharoensri

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