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Income Security for a Good Quality of Life When Reaching Old Age

👍Ms. Wanasa Pochai, a student in the Real Estate Department at Assumption University’s MSME Business School, expertly presented her research regarding “Income Security for a Good Quality of Life When Reaching Old Age” organized by The National Health Commission Office on December 16, 2022, on the Thai PBS.
In Ms. Pochai’s presentation, she noted that aging people need societal acceptance. Also mentioned were four requisites; healthy mind and body, proper knowledge learned from a young age (i.e. long-term financial planning), rights as an elderly, euthanasia and right to die.
The speech aimed to cultivate and encourage life-long learning so that youth can work and save to support themselves throughout life. Opportunities for highly-skilled retirees to fill the labor gap in the education sector may also provide a path for people to have a high quality of life and make a meaningful contribution to society in their later years.
Ms. Pochai did an excellent job representing future leader’s from Assumption University and “Youth In Charge Leadership Academy” at the 15th National Health Assembly, creating resolutions for solving elderly problems.

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