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Hackathon: Big’s Seed Talent Camp

🎉Congratulations to Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics students who participated in “Hackathon: Big’s Seed Talent Camp”
⚡️5 MSME students passed through the final round (10 team from 80 team) and received the award as Honorable mention with cash prizes 5,000 Baht.
👏C-vit C-va team
1. Ramita Wisutphiphatsakul 6210222
Major:Business Economics
2. Arnan Netrkajornwong 6211490
Major: Industrial supply chain management and logistics
3. Kanchanit Chotnapalai 6210213
Major: Management-Leadership and entrepreneurship
4. Thapanapong Wichalek 6214043
Major: Management-Leadership and entrepreneurship
5. Jarin Srirattanawijit 6213654
Major: Business Economics

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