We offer two bachelor's degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) The BBA curriculum has 10 different business concentrations such as management, marketing, accounting, finance and banking, and business information systems.  Our students normally choose their business concentrations in their third year of study.
  • Bachelor of Economics in Business Economics (B.Econ.) Students who wish to pursue the B.Econ. degree must directly apply to and enroll in the B.Econ. program since the first year of their study.

Our curriculums are updated regularly with consultation from alumni and industry experts to serve the need of the ever changing business environment. 



The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Accounting offers the students the opportunity to develop advance accounting skills, application of computer technology in accounting, and adhere to accounting ethics to meet the demands of businesses.

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Business Economics

As the first undergraduate business economics program in Thailand, the Department of Business Economics recognizes the social and economic needs and challenges in an era of globalization where a successful manager of tomorrow must be able to carry out sound economic analysis as well as blending a wealth of theoretical tools and practical experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society. 

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Business Information Systems

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Information Systems is aimed at equipping students with sound knowledge, breadth and depth in technology to enable them to cope with the more rapid changes and demanding requirements of changing business and technology around the world.

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Finance and Banking

Finance is both the art and science of money management. It is an integral part of all modern economies and also important to the success of any entity: individuals, businesses and government. Finance and Banking program provides the students with the theoretical financial principles, analytical tools, and practical knowledge for making ethical and sound financial decision in a modern business environment.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and tourism industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in today’s global economy. Especially in Thailand where over 13% of the GDP derived from this industry. There have been some discussions on new development and challenges in the sectors, and the highlight of all services including hospitality services, the human elements (both employees and customers) are absolutely crucial.

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Industrial Management

The rapid changes in the business due to globalization and technological development have increased complexity when conducting business across borders. It is essential that the students are able to understand, analyze, integrate and apply the impact of socio, economic, political, financial, cultural legal and ethical issues on industrial decisions and develop efficient business solutions and strategies. 

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