To ensure continuity of education in situations that may require moving instruction online, MSME has prepared a guideline and how-to videos to help faculty and students maintain the processes of learning and teaching.

Faculty can utilize our e-Learning platform MSME LMS, Microsoft Teams, together with AU Spark Pro. If you do not currently have a course in our LMS, you can request your course to be created.

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Get started with online learning

Given that this is an unusual situation to put together an online class. The school recommends prioritizing our activities as follows:

  1. Focus on transforming all your material to self-study, assignment, and quiz (everyone will have other things to do during a pandemic).
  2. Create a question bank and quiz activities (make auto-grading your priority).
  3. Provide an asynchronous channel for communication (e.g., forum, chat).
  4. Record video lectures.
  5. Only when necessary, ask students for a live session. Best to break out for small groups.

Platform comparison



AU Spark 


G Suite


Office 365


Moodle LMS





  Virtual conference

  can bring you to a Teams meeting   Hangouts Meet
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Group Breakout
  • Recording (enable by the presenter)
  Microsoft Team
  • Up to 250 participants
  • Group Breakout (via channel)
  • Recording (enable by the presenter)
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Group Breakout (additional setup)
  • Recording (enable by the presenter)


  in Class Group    Google Classroom 

  Microsoft Teams

  • notification with @team 
  • Forum
  • Frontpage



  Google Classroom

  • Chat 

  Microsoft Teams

  • Chat
  • Group message with @team
  • Forum
  • Chat
  • Group message

  Resource management


  Google Classroom

  • via Google Drive & YouTube
  • Allow show/hide resources 

  Microsoft Teams

  • Channels
  • Notebook
  • Tab & feed
  • Single page and multipage 
  • Files and folders
  • Allow show/hide resources

  File sharing

  in Class Group    Google Drive   One Drive 
  • Files and folders 



  Google Classroom

  • Submission
  • Grading
  • Feedback
  • Originality check  

  Microsoft Team (Class type only)

  • Submission
  • Grading
  • Feedback

  Assignment activity

  • Submission
  • Grading
  • Feedback
  • PDF annotation
  • Group assignment 


    Google Forms    Microsoft Forms    Choice activity  



  Google Forms 

  • Randomize quiz
  • Shuffle choices
  • Score report

  Microsoft Forms

  • Randomize quiz
  • Shuffle choices
  • Score report

  Quiz activity

  • Question bank
  • Randomize quiz
  • Shuffle choices
  • Score statistic report

 Peer assessment

    Google Docs (need a plan from a teacher)   

  Workshop activity

  • Random reviewers
  • Override review score
  • Anonymous reviewer  

  Collaborative space

    Google Docs (need a plan from a teacher)

  Microsoft Teams 

  • Notebook

  Wiki activity


  Interactive material


  H5P plugin

  • Interactive video
  • Drag and drop questions, and much more

  Attendance tracking 


  Usage tracking


  Microsoft Teams (Class type only, enable by the Team owner)

  • Assignment
  • Conversation
  • Grade 


  • Course participation
  • Activity completion
  • Activity report
  • Logs

Get Started with Microsoft Teams

A quick start guide for Microsoft Teams for Education by Microsoft (PDF 10.5MB)
A quick guide to connecting your AU Spark with Microsoft Teams (PDF 11.7MB).  

There are three steps in conducting an online meeting in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Before the meeting [watch how-to video]
  2. During the meeting [watch how-to video]
  3. After the meeting
  4. Sharing an invite link to your student [watch how-to video]

Using Microsoft PowerPoint with Audio Narration (better choice for low bandwidth)

  1. Chunking and narrate your PowerPoint files [watch how-to video]
  2. Upload and share a Narrated PowerPoint file [watch how-to video

Moodle Quiz 


  1. Introduction [watch how-to video]
  2. Question bank [watch how-to video]
  3. Create categories [watch how-to video]
  4. Create a multiple-choice question [watch how-to video]
  5. Create a matching question [watch how-to video]
  6. Create a True-False question [watch how-to video]
  7. Create questions using GIFT format [watch how-to video] [GIFT questions and categories text file]
  8. Import GIFT format to Moodle [watch how-to video]
  9. Set up a quiz activity [watch how-to video]

Document (provided by the Office of ITS)


The department of Management Information Systems is available to support faculty and students. You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (66) 02-723-2236-7

For AU Gmail issues, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and for Microsoft Teams issues, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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