MSME has partnerships with institutions around the world in terms of student exchange, transfer, as well as joint and double degree programs. Through the exchange programs with over 30 university partners including the University of Sydney (Australia), Florida State University (USA), Tsinghua University (China), Rotterdam University (the Netherlands), students can spending a semester or one year in another university to gain international experience.

Students also have an opportunity to a bachelor's degree in combination with a master's degree from our world-wide partners as a joint or double degree. These joint-degree programs are intended to prepare business leaders of tomorrow who blend a wealth of analytical tools and international experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society.

Please contact the director of External Affairs at SM202 or 02-723-2534 for detailed information of our university partners, programs and courses to be transferred, life in another country, and other related matters. 

More information on the AU Outbound/ Inbound Exchange Program, list of universities that are AU partners, or the universities that AU has agreement with, and Study Abroad Guidelines can also be found at the website of Office of International Affairs. The AU Study Abroad Center provides information on list of universities that AU have a joint and double degree agreement.