The Assumption Business Leadership Entrepreneurship - University Business Incubation (ABLE-UBI) Center is Assumption University’s hub for multidisciplinary collaborations and support for creativity. The center is run by MSME. It goes beyond the campus, connects students, faculty members, professional staffs, and local community members with passions for entrepreneurship, help them translate their ideas into business start-up activities, and provides workspace for proof-of-work discussion, collaboration opportunities, and essential business and legal knowledge.


Putting an Idea into Motion

University plays an important role in nurturing its students to have creative minds and imagination that will help them be successful in any endeavor they pursue in life afterward. Business ideas can be fostered in every corner and every second, no matter whether students are in the classroom, in their comfortable dorm room, or at home. However, to begin a business is not easy. In addition to a brilliant business plan, there are numerous details to care for, such as how to register the business with the government and how to report taxes and understand the tax codes. It is unlikely that any 20 something students would be able to deal with all these scatter, important knowledge about making a successful business while maintaining focused on his or her genuine idea and creativity.

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How ABLE-UBI can Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The ABLE-UBI Center assists inspiring entrepreneurs (either students or faculty members) to navigate through the three stages to start a business: pre-incubation, incubation, and finally startup.  It provides services and detailed knowledge that facilitate and allow one to navigate through these three stages. In particular, the center hosts regular workshops on

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